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A romantic comedy with a kick

Written by: Ray Cheema

Story by: Rajan Paul

Love in the 21st century is complicated. When you’re torn between two cultures, between progress and tradition, it’s almost impossible. Sunny is from India. Sonia is from Vancouver. They met on an Indian dating site a year ago and although they’ve never actually met, they profess an undying love for one another and have agreed to marry.

When the day finally comes for Sunny to fly to Vancouver to meet his future wife, fate intervenes. While waiting for his flight, Sunny meets a woman, a beautiful, educated, sophisticated woman. Her name is Pryia, and for Sunny, she changes everything.

Throughout the film Sunny and, Pryia’s paths seem to cross over and over again as if there’s a force that keeps pulling them together.  The fact that they come from two very different worlds, however, pulls them apart, until one fateful night in Las Vegas, when they fall in love.

Runaway Pictures will be holding casting sessions for Love in Las Vegas.  

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