Casting Call

Love in Las Vegas is currently in development. Once casting has been completed, production will move to an English language table read of the script. The cast will also participate in a promotional photo shoot, which will consist of individual and group shots of the actors in character.  The next phase of the production involves shooting a trailer to promote the project to potential investors. This is where the fun begins, where the project really begins to take shape, and where up and coming local actors have the opportunity to shine.

Want to audition? Please submit a headshot and resume.  If you have a demo reel or YouTube link to your work, send it along. We’d love to see it. Please submit to


Sunny: The protagonist of the film. Sunny is in his late-twenties and was born and raised in Punjab, India. His quiet and reserved manner belies his confident and self-assured nature. He is kind and charming but naïve and unfamiliar with a world outside of India. Sunny’s trip to Vancouver is an eye opener for him, and finds him torn between the comfort and familiarity of his culture and the irresistible allure of the fast-paced, cosmopolitan lifestyle that confronts him.

Priya: Priya is a CEO of a small technology company in New Delhi. She is representative of women’s evolving role in modern India. Career driven, she has an insatiable thirst to experience what life has to offer beyond the yoke of tradition and expectation that at times seems determined to contain her. Priya wants it all. Wanting it all, however, comes with a cost. The one thing she wants most, is the thing she does not have… love. Maybe, just maybe she can have that too.

Pippy:  He is Sunny’s cousin.  Canadian born to immigrant parents, he lives in Vancouver but retains some Indian values inherited from his transplanted family. He is the life of the party and very charismatic. He lives for today and doesn’t worry about the future. Having a good time is what Pip enjoys the most.

Sonia: Sonia is Sunny’s fiancé. Born and raised in Vancouver, she is the definition of a princess, spoiled and doted upon by her parents who have never really allowed her to grow up. She is accustomed to getting what she wants and she expects and accepts nothing less. She is stunningly beautiful and is adept at using her looks to her advantage. Self-centred and superficial, appearances are everything to Sonia. She loves to shop and spend her parent’s money on expensive clothes. Her favorite accessory is her Chihuahua, Sha Sha.

Jesse: Jesse is one of Pippy best friends. He aspires to be a famous Hollywood/Bollywood actor, but has yet to attain a significant role outside of a few local commercials.  He is egotistical, somewhat narcissistic, and decidedly self-important. His turban adds a bit of Indian flare to his impeccable appearance and sense of style. He enjoys his reputation as a ladies’ man and is always looking forward to his next conquest.

Manny: Mandeep is another one of the gang. He is a chef and loves his job and the people he meets as a result of it. Ordinary in appearance, Sayyid carries a few extra pounds as the result of his choice of careers, which perfectly compliment his self-deprecating and engaging personality.

Trevor:  Trevor is the outsider of the group. In part because he is white, but also because he never really feels comfortable amidst this close knit group of characters. Desperate to fit in, he immerses himself in everything Indian. He tries hard (sometimes too hard) to belong, ever convinced that he doesn’t. A young and ambitious realtor, yet to establish himself, Trevor wants his piece of the lucrative Vancouver real estate market. Despite his best attempts to portray himself as a man of the world he ultimately comes off as a loveable used car salesman.

Mimi: Mimi is Chinese and one of Sonia’s two best friends. If Sonia is the queen bee, Mimi is one of her minions. Meek and insecure, she worships the ground Sonia walks on and seems unable (or perhaps unwilling), to think for herself. When Sonia says jump, Mimi asks how high. She and her sidekick Harman, are inseparable.

Harman: Harman is Mini’s accomplice and part of Sonia’s pussy posse. She’d be lost without Sonia (or thinks she would be… so does Sonia) and she is blindly devoted to her, often at her own expense. Unbeknownst to her (and to everyone else) she is ready to step out from behind Sonia’s shadow and say hello to the world. It wouldn’t take much persuading to convince Mimi that she is too.

Runaway Pictures a local independent film production company is holding casting sessions for a feature length film “Love in Las Vegas”. The cast is mostly South Asian / Punjabi. 

Love in Las Vegas is a sexy, high energy, romantic comedy that is action filled with drinking, dancing, partying, fighting and the occasional bong hit. Love in Las Vegas takes you from India, to Vancouver and then to the most entertaining city in the world, Las Vegas. 

Want to audition? Please submit a headshot and resume.  If you have a demo reel or YouTube link to your work, send it along. We’d love to see it. Please submit to