Production Team

Runaway Pictures is producing a Bollywood film from the western perspective.  All cast and crew, will be Canadian besides the characters of Sunny and Priya they will originate from India / Punjab.

Love in Las Vegas will be shot in two languages, Punjabi and in English. Both films will be shot exactly the same, the only difference is that the English version will be marketed towards the North American & European markets and the Punjabi version will be shown theatrically in India.

Rajan Paul
Film & Television, Theater & Music Management
A graduate of Vancouver Film School

A principal at Runaway Pictures, Rajan has demonstrated talents as Screenwriter, Director and Producer for film and television. He is credited for producing over a dozen short films, as well as various theatre productions. Currently he is developing feature length films for theatrical release in multiple genres. Rajan has also played a role as management in the West Coast Music scene.

Troy Mason
Executive Producer
Film & Television & Theater
A graduate of Vancouver Film School

Troy got his start with Winnipeg sketch comedy troop Squirm, performing throughout Manitoba, including the International Winnipeg Fringe Festival. From there Troy went on to be a stage actor and stage director and held an hour-long comedy show on University of Manitoba campus radio.

He is an Indy film maker, having written and produced a number of short films including Shuman’s Place for the Comedy Network and the crime drama Black Sunday, The Eye of the Storm, and the Underscore. He also has written T.V. spec scripts for shows such as, the Family Guy. He is involved with several feature film projects and continues to write screenplays.

Most recently, he co wrote the highly successful off Broadway musical Planet 5.

Ray Cheema
Writer and Co-Producer

Ray is a graduate of the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He has written, produced, edited and directed various projects over the years. Ranging from short films to commercials to client videos. He has won Broadcast Educators Association of Canada award for the short film “Fantasy Guise” in which he was a casting director and assistant director. Just graduating in 2016, Ray is currently working on the feature film Love in Las Vegas.

Sun Gill
Associate Producer & Editor

Sun Gill is an experienced film/video editor who has worked on five feature films, such as Mirza, Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi, and Faraar. He has been an assistant editor for large scale documentaries made for CBC, Nat Geo, Smithsonian Channel and Discovery Channel. Sun has overseen films from production to delivery as a Digital Media Loader to Picture Editor. He is a well rounded professional with a knowledgeable background and passion that thrives for collective success.

Maritama Carlson

Maritama Carlson is a local Vancouver actress born and raised into a family of performers. She has been involved in the entertainment world for many years including: dancing, singing, modelling and acting. She has co-produced several projects, such as short film “So Called Friends” credited writing and acting, Teaser trailer for “The Vineyard”, and “Another Place” her very own web series “Iz and MT show” and is also an acting teacher/coach for youth! Maritama looks forward to this project and is also the casting director for “The Vineyard” feature film!